Bevy's own built-in audio support is extremely barebones and limited. It can play sounds, but that's about it. It doesn't even have volume control.

Instead, we recommend that you try the bevy_kira_audio community plugin, which integrates the Kira sound library with bevy. Kira is much more feature-rich, including support for managing many audio tracks (like background music and sound effects), with volume control, stereo panning, playback rate, and streaming. It also has web support.

The community largely considers Bevy's audio to be obsolete and useless; it will probably be removed and replaced with something else (maybe bevy_kira_audio).

Using bevy_kira_audio in your project requires some extra configuration, because you need to disable Bevy's own audio. Bevy's audio is a cargo feature that is enabled by default, but must be disabled. Cargo does not let you disable individual default features, so you need to disable all default bevy features and re-enable the ones you need.

You must not include the bevy_audio feature, or any of the audio file formats (such as the default mp3). Enable the file formats you care about on bevy_kira_audio instead of Bevy.

version = "0.5"
default-features = false
# These are the remaining default features other than `bevy_audio` and `mp3`
features = [

version = "0.5.0"
# `ogg` format support is enabled by default, disable if you don't want it
default-features = false
# enable the features you care about
features = [

See this page for more information about Bevy's cargo features.