Bevy Version:0.9(outdated!)

Text / Character Input

Relevant official examples: char_input_events.

Use this (not keyboard input) if you want to implement text input in a Bevy app. This way, everything works as the user expects from their operating system, including Unicode support.

Bevy will produce a ReceivedCharacter event for every Unicode code point coming from the OS.

This example shows how to let the user input text into a string (here stored as a local resource).

/// prints every char coming in; press enter to echo the full string
fn text_input(
    mut char_evr: EventReader<ReceivedCharacter>,
    keys: Res<Input<KeyCode>>,
    mut string: Local<String>,
) {
    for ev in char_evr.iter() {
        println!("Got char: '{}'", ev.char);

    if keys.just_pressed(KeyCode::Return) {
        println!("Text input: {}", *string);