Be civil. If you need a code of conduct, have a look at Bevy's.

If you have any suggestions for the book, such as ideas for new content, or if you notice anything that is incorrect or misleading, please file issues in the GitHub repository!

GitHub Issues

If you want something to be added or changed in the book, file an issue! Tell me what you want, and I will figure out how to present it in the book. If you have some code snippet or other thing you want to include, you can put it in the issue.

That sort of workflow works much better for me, compared to Pull Requests. I am quite opinionated and meticulous about how everything is presented in the book, so I often can't just merge/accept things as written by someone else.

GitHub Pull Requests


The only exception to this might be trivial fixes. If you are just fixing a typo or small mistake, or a bug in some code example, that's fine.

If you are adding or changing any of the book content, your PR will probably be ignored or closed. I will probably treat it like I do issues: go do the thing myself eventually, and then close your PR.


To avoid complications with copyright and licensing, you agree to provide any contributions you make to the project under the MIT-0 No Attribution License.

Note that this allows your work to be relicensed without preserving your copyright.

As described previously, the actual published content in the book will be my own derivative work based on your contributions. I will license it consistently with the rest of the book; see: License.