While the majority of this book was authored by me, Ida Iyes (@inodentry), a number of folks have made large contributions to help! Thank you all so much! ❤️

  • Alice I. Cecile @alice-i-cecile: review, advice, reporting lots of good suggestions
  • nile @TheRawMeatball: review, useful issue reports
  • @Zaszi: writing the initial draft of the WASM chapter
  • @skairunner and @mirenbharta: developing the Pan+Orbit camera example

Thanks to everyone who has submitted GitHub issues!

Big thanks to all sponsors! ❤️

Thanks to you, I can actually keep working on this book, improving and maintaining it!

And of course, the biggest thanks goes to the Bevy project itself and its founder, @cart, for creating this awesome community and game engine in the first place! It makes all of this possible. You literally changed my life! ❤️