Linux Desktop

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Desktop Linux is one of the best-supported platforms by Bevy.

GPU Drivers

Support for the Vulkan graphics API is required to run Bevy apps. You (and your users) must ensure that you have compatible hardware and drivers installed.

On most modern distributions and computers, this should be no problem.

If Bevy apps refuse to run and print an error to the console about not being able to find a compatible GPU, the problem is most likely with the Vulkan components of your graphics driver not being installed correctly. You may need to install some extra packages or reinstall your graphics drivers. Check with your Linux distribution for what to do.

X11 and Wayland

As of the year 2021, the Linux desktop ecosystem is fragmented between the legacy X11 stack and the modern Wayland stack. Many distributions are switching to Wayland-based desktop environments by default.

Bevy supports both, but only X11 support is enabled by default. If you are running a Wayland-based desktop, this means your Bevy app will run in the XWayland compatibility layer.

To enable native Wayland support for Bevy, enable the wayland cargo feature:

bevy = { version = "0.5", features = ["wayland"] }

Now your app will be built with support for both X11 and Wayland.

If you want to remove X11 support for whatever reason, disable the x11 cargo default feature.

You can override which display protocol to use at runtime, using an environment variable:


(to run using X11/XWayland on a Wayland desktop)


export WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND=wayland

(to require the use of Wayland)