Bevy Version:0.12(outdated!)

As this page is outdated, please refer to Bevy's official migration guides while reading, to cover the differences: 0.12 to 0.13.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I will update the page as soon as I find the time.

Hosting on GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a hosting service that allows you to publish your website on GitHub's servers.

For more details, visit the official GitHub Pages documentation.

Deploying a website (like your WASM game) to GitHub pages is done by putting the files in a special branch in a GitHub repository. You could create a separate repository for this, but you could also do it from the same repository as your source code.

You will need the final website files for deployment.

Create an empty branch in your git repository:

git checkout --orphan web
git reset --hard

You should now be in an empty working directory.

Put all files necessary for hosting, including your HTML, WASM, JavaScript, and assets files, and commit them into git:

git add *
git commit

(or better, manually list your files in the above command, in place of the * wildcard)

Push your new branch to GitHub:

git push -u origin web --force

In the GitHub Web UI, go to the repository settings, go to the "GitHub Pages" section, then under "Source" pick the branch "web" and the / (root) folder. Then click "Save".

Wait a little bit, and your site should become available at