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Rust Language Support

You can use kak-lsp with rust-analyzer.

You want to install just the RA server, without the official VSCode plugin.

You can manage it via rustup:

rustup component add rust-analyzer

Or you can build/install it yourself from git:

git clone https://github.com/rust-lang/rust-analyzer
cd rust-analyzer
git checkout release # use the `release` branch instead of `main`
cargo xtask install --server

The easiest way to set up kak-lsp is using plug.kak.

If you don't have plug.kak, put the following in ~/.config/kak/kakrc:

evaluate-commands %sh{
    mkdir -p "$plugins"
    [ ! -e "$plugins/plug.kak" ] && \
        git clone -q https://github.com/andreyorst/plug.kak.git "$plugins/plug.kak"
    printf "%s\n" "source '$plugins/plug.kak/rc/plug.kak'"
plug "andreyorst/plug.kak" noload

And then to set up kak-lsp with Rust support:

plug "kak-lsp/kak-lsp" do %{
    cargo install --force --path .
} config %{
    set global lsp_cmd "kak-lsp -s %val{session}"

    # create a command to let you restart LSP if anything goes wrong / gets glitched
    define-command lsp-restart -docstring 'restart lsp server' %{ lsp-stop; lsp-start }

    # helper command to enable LSP
    define-command -hidden lsp-init %{
        # preferences:
        set window lsp_auto_highlight_references true
        # keybind: use "," to get a menu of available LSP commands
        map global normal "," ": enter-user-mode lsp<ret>" -docstring "LSP mode"

    hook global KakEnd .* lsp-exit

    # autoenable LSP when opening Rust files
    hook global WinSetOption filetype=rust %{
# formatting settings for Rust files
hook global BufSetOption filetype=rust %{
    set buffer tabstop 4
    set buffer indentwidth 4
    set buffer formatcmd 'rustfmt'
    set buffer autowrap_column 100

Put the following in ~/.config/kak-lsp/kak-lsp.toml to use rust-analyzer:

# Shut down the `rust-analyzer` process after a period of inactivity
timeout = 900

filetypes = ["rust"]
roots = ["Cargo.toml"]
command = "rust-analyzer"
settings_section = "rust-analyzer"

# Proc Macro support is important for Bevy projects
procMacro.enable = true
# disable hover actions, can be laggy on complex projects like Bevy
hoverActions.enable = false
# do not use the data generated by `cargo check`, again, because it can be slow and laggy
cargo.loadOutDirsFromCheck = false