Dev Tools and Editors for Bevy

Bevy does not yet have an official editor or other such tools. An official editor is planned as a long-term future goal. In the meantime, here are some community-made tools to help you.


bevy_inspector_egui gives you a simple editor-like property inspector window in-game. It lets you modify the values of your components and resources in real-time as the game is running.

bevy_editor_pls is an editor-like interface that you can embed into your game. It has even more features, like switching app states, fly camera, performance diagnostics, and inspector panels.


bevy_mod_debugdump is a tool to help visualize your App Schedule (all of the registered systems with their ordering dependencies and stages), and the Bevy Render Graph.

bevy_lint is a linter (based on dylint) that can automatically check your Bevy code for some common issues.

If you are getting confusing/cryptic compiler error messages (like these) and you cannot figure them out, bevycheck is a tool you could use to help diagnose them. It tries to provide more user-friendly Bevy-specific error messages.