Bevy Version:0.13(outdated!)

As this page is outdated, please refer to Bevy's official migration guides while reading, to cover the differences: 0.13 to 0.14.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I will update the page as soon as I find the time.

Dev Tools and Editors for Bevy

Bevy does not yet have an official editor or other such tools. An official editor is planned as a long-term future goal. In the meantime, here are some community-made tools to help you.


bevy_inspector_egui gives you a simple editor-like property inspector window in-game. It lets you modify the values of your components and resources in real-time as the game is running.

bevy_editor_pls is an editor-like interface that you can embed into your game. It has even more features, like switching app states, fly camera, performance diagnostics, and inspector panels.

space_editor is another such editor that can be embedded into your game. It seems to be designed for a Unity-inspired prefab workflow.

You can also use Blender as a level/scene editor, by exporting your scenes to GLTF. The Blender Bevy Components Workflow project improves on this experience, by allowing you to setup your Bevy ECS Components in Blender, include them in the exported GLTF, and use them in Bevy.


bevy_mod_debugdump is a tool to help visualize your App Schedules (all of the registered systems with their ordering dependencies), and the Bevy Render Graph.