List All Resource Types

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We can access the metadata stored inside Bevy ECS to learn about the types of things currently stored.

This example shows how to print a list of all types that have been added as resources.

fn print_resources(archetypes: &Archetypes, components: &Components) {
    let mut r: Vec<String> = archetypes
        .map(|id| components.get_info(id).unwrap())
        // get_short_name removes the path information
        // i.e. `bevy_audio::audio::Audio` -> `Audio`
        // if you want to see the path info replace
        // `TypeRegistration::get_short_name` with `String::from`
        .map(|info| TypeRegistration::get_short_name(

    // sort list alphebetically
    r.iter().for_each(|name| println!("{}", name));

Note that this does not give you a comprehensive list of every Bevy-provided type that is useful as a resource. It lists the types of all the resources currently added to the app (by all registered plugins, your own, etc.).