Unofficial Bevy Cheat Book

Concise practical reference to the Bevy game engine.

Covers useful syntax, features, programming patterns, and solutions for common game development tasks.

Designed to be easy to read, straight to the point, using simple language to focus on the important information.

While rich in content, this book does not aim to be exhaustive or complete. It cannot feasibly cover every feature of bevy. It is my best attempt to teach the most practically-relevant aspects.

The book has several sections:

  • Quick Reference: alphabetical listing of various Bevy and game dev jargon and concepts, with quick definitions and links to relevant pages in the book
  • Bevy Setup Tips: Tips and tricks for your development tools (only some may be relevant to you)
  • Bevy Programming: overview of programming in Bevy
  • Bevy Features: how to use various Bevy game engine features
  • Common Pitfalls: common issues or surprises to watch out for
  • Advanced Patterns: expert topics; non-obvious tricks or techniques; may be controversial
  • Bevy Cookbook: miscellaneous examples for specific common tasks
  • Bevy on Different Platforms: information about using Bevy with different platforms and OSs

Not intended to be read in order. Jump to whatever is useful to you!

Welcome! May this book serve you well!

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Bevy has a rich collection of official code examples.

Check out bevy-assets, for community-made resources.

Our community is very friendly and helpful. Feel welcome to join the Bevy Discord to chat, ask questions, or get involved in the project!

If you want to see some games made with Bevy, see or Bevy Assets.


This version of the book is for Bevy release 0.5.

I intend to keep this book up-to-date and relevant with every new Bevy release. I also try to regularly make improvements to it, when I can manage it.

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Copyright © 2021 Ida Iyes.

All code in the book is provided under the MIT-0 License. At your option, you may also use it under the regular MIT License.

The text of the book is provided under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Exception: If used for the purpose of contribution to the Official Bevy Project and/or its Official Documentation, the entire content of the book may be used under the MIT-0 License.


Development of this book is hosted on GitHub.

Please file GitHub Issues for any wrong/confusing/misleading information, as well as suggestions for new content you'd like to be added to the book.

Contributions are accepted, with some limitations.

See the Contributing section for all the details.

Stability Warning

Bevy is still a very new and experimental game engine! It has only been public since August 2020!

While improvements have been happening at an incredible pace, and development is active, Bevy simply hasn't yet had the time to mature.

There are no stability guarantees and breaking changes happen often!

Usually, it not hard to adapt to changes with new releases (or even track the main git development branch), but you have been warned!