Bevy Version:0.9(outdated!)

Param Sets

For safety reasons, a system cannot have multiple parameters whose data access might have a chance of mutability conflicts over the same data.

Some examples:

  • Multiple incompatible queries.
  • Using &World while also having other system parameters to access specific data.

Bevy provides a solution: wrap them in a ParamSet:

fn reset_health(
    // access the health of enemies and the health of players
    // (note: some entities could be both!)
    mut set: ParamSet<(
        Query<&mut Health, With<Enemy>>,
        Query<&mut Health, With<Player>>,
        // also access the whole world ... why not
) {
    // set health of enemies (use the 1st param in the set)
    for mut health in set.p0().iter_mut() {
        health.hp = 50.0;

    // set health of players (use the 2nd param in the set))
    for mut health in set.p1().iter_mut() {
        health.hp = 100.0;

    // read some data from the world (use the 3rd param in the set)
    let my_resource = set.p2().resource::<MyResource>();

    // since we only used the conflicting system params one at a time,
    // everything is safe and our code can compile; ParamSet guarantees this

This ensures only one of the conflicting parameters can be used at the same time.

The maximum number of parameters in a param set is 8.